Racism, the left’s new sickness

Steele Coddington

It may be just my imagination, but here’s a scenario that looks like what’s unfolding in our political world. My Spoof Space pen is also my “Love America” pen, anxious to reveal the left’s shameful political conspiracy intent on dividing us into warring racial camps. It’s the latest “RESISTANCE” scam conveying false narratives to tear us apart. Initially, the so-called Resistance movement was just an emotional reaction to the unexpected but legitimate rejection of eight years of radical initiatives that were scaring the hell out of America. That plus the overwhelmingly unqualified, incompetent candidate with a far-left early association with Communist Saul Alinsky, well closeted and suppressed to disguise her radicalism who offered only more years of un-American “Fundamental Transformation,”

The Resistance however, has progressed into a despicable political advocacy using racism as a means of building animosity to a level of hatred that would foster its political objectives. Its ultimate goal is to undermine the historical blessing of a Christian culture committed to the Rule of Law and a Bill of Rights guaranteeing individual freedom. The left’s newest subversive agenda consists of assaults on freedom of speech principally at academic locations where black shirted thugs can silence speech with riots. They justify their threats to silence any speech as their right to combat conservative racism.

In the process they even try to redefine the definition of racism, broadening the reason to attack a wider array of their victims. The levels of what is considered racism is now so ridiculous it parallels the hate-filled late-night TV personalities who call themselves comedians.

The radical left’s old and inflammatory Lenin-like attribution of fault for America’s problems involving poverty, social justice, cultural inequality and failed opportunities have always been blamed on our economic and political systems. But that’s not enough for them. Their new conspiracy is to convince the world and U.S minorities that America is a racist nation. The Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t help with its ridiculous lists of hate groups.

The left’s mini-brain leadership conspires relentlessly to spread its propaganda and found its first dupe, Colin Kaepernick, wearing his Fidel Castro T-shirt, spreading the lie that America is racist because law enforcement in America is racist. Unfortunately, for that line of falsehood, every statistic available overwhelmingly proves that to be a totally false narrative. Yet that singular idea expressed by kneeling at football games during the National Anthem and display of the flag, has selectively infected the NFL’s players, copying it as a sign of agreement with Kaepernick’s disrespect for America’s symbolic values.

Well, I can only close this racist “uber alles” conspiracy revelation with a prediction based on a long love affair with the “home of the free and the brave.” Getting America’s races to hate each other is as preposterous as removing Columbus’s statue from New York City. If you should poll this issue, I bet you’ll find that 90% of each race in America is so linked in their hearts and aspirations that what racism is here, we can fix together better than anywhere else in the world.