Visit our new center for the arts

The remodeling of our Sonoran Arts League Center for the Arts in Stagecoach Village is completed and we celebrated with a Grand Opening on September 16th! We have a full schedule of events and activities planned for our enlarged space. The new Center for the Arts will showcase art education programs, local artists, art events, gallery, free art library, after school classes for youth, classes for Veterans, workshops and art for sale.

“ We are excited to share our art destination with Arizona residents, visitors and guests,” said Ms. Pat Bell-Demers, Executive Director for Sonoran Arts League. “The League’s Center for the Arts is a destination where people can join a workshop or open studio, learn a new artistic skill and support the power of art as it enriches life and builds valuable skills. It’s right in line with our mission and we’re looking forward to enhancingcollaborations with community partners through unique public art events.”