The greatest scam in America

Steele Coddington

Beware: One of the most cruel scams perpetrated on our elderly population today utilizes their cell phone. It’s the caller who claims he’s from some police department in a distant city, and is seen right there on your screen. Officer :so and so” introduces himself with a kind and apologetic voice and says, “We’ve arrested your grandson.” Using authentic info from many sources such as Facebook, the phony “officer” tells Granny her grandson is in jail for driving while intoxicated and needs to post bail in the next two hours or he’ll have to remain in jail for several days. But he can be released if Granny sends $2500 (or more) immediately to the court at a specific address using a cash credit machine. Easy to do and Granny loves Grandson and can’t stand him being in jail. Millions have been duped this way according to the Wall Street Journal.

It happened to my wife and me a couple of months ago. I was even allowed to talk to my grandson who was in tears. It sounded like him, kind of, but I didn’t bite and I told the officer I would call him back after I sent the money. Instead, I called my grandson at home. “Are you in jail?” “No” he said and was stunned that I could have been a victim, losing thousands of dollars.

But that’s not the biggest scam today. That prize goes to the leaders of the Democrat party. While its not illegal, their leaders pursue a destructive agenda increasingly more radical every day and explain it in a way that scams their voters as convincingly as Granny. As the minority party, they tell their base that to help America they will be “bipartisan.” How? They will be “Open Minded.” And they are! So “Open Minded” that they will help evolve America into their Socialist nirvana. So “Open” we need to rename their party the “Open Party.” They have a consuming agenda to “Open” everything. Open our borders, open our treasury, open our wallets for higher taxes. Open our jails like Obama did to free the victims of our unjust racist law enforcement system. Open about everything except the consequences.

“Open” in democratize means “Bargaining Chips” for increasingly leftist con jobs that

are intended to achieve “Fundamental Change” objectives. Their price to be bipartisan?

“Give us”…. more refugees, increase immigration and we’ll help float a Republican Healthcare Bill that will expand unlimited free Medicaid, etc, etc. A simple trade-off. You get what you want and we get more immigrants who will vote Democrat and will help build the momentum for the grand prize – new permanent “Entitlement” programs.

Think all this will enhance or help Republican tax reduction? No, all it will enhance is the liberal objective, “Bleed America Dry.” As we adhere to really intelligent, emotional immigration policies like “Give me your tired, poor…..tempest tossed refuse” etc, etc, we’ll soon discover they aren’t yearning to breathe free, but to “change” us so we have to kneel 6 times a day to comply with Sharia Law and learn their language. Or remove the horrible inequality in America by making us all poor, tired and homeless like the people in Venezuela and Cuba.

As I’ve said many times before, we can have all this thanks to the efforts of the Democrat’s brainless dream team – Bernie “Hammer and Cycle” Sanders, Elizabeth “What Constitution” Warren, and the two leaders of the Democrat National Committee Tom Perez and Deputy Keith Ellison, two radical subversives whose probable mission will be to militarize the Antifa revolutionaries to “get out the illegal immigrant and dead person vote” and get the vote out for Saul Alinsky’s Queen Hillary for her third run for Commissar of the D.C. Politburo. Her first appointment will be George Soros as her Secretary of State charged with renewal of relationships with Russia.

Yep, it’s a great bipartisan open-minded scam.