Our culture has gone to hell!

Don SorchychThe cultural “revolution” happened so slowly we have been caught flatfooted.

As a depression baby I wouldn’t think of doing what people do today. My parents’ teaching, my high school and college, my military experience and my religion all played a part in what I think is right or wrong.

But our children today are being educated principally in public schools where history is seldom taught and most educators are Democrats who share a twisted history of the United States as does the angry president Hussein.

Political Correctness (PC) is what put this lying black man in office. Why? Because he was black and fluent (if his teleprompter was handy). PC made our First Amendment useless in one way but it was used to kick morality in its head. People have been cowed by newspapers (not this one) and by fast growing social media to duck their heads and try to be invisible.

Marriage between and man and woman has worked for millennia yet our U.S. Supreme Court says it is a constitutional right for same sex couples to marry. Having children is a major part of marriage happiness and the only way the world will remain populated. And, of course, it is an assault on religion.

Term limits is one way to get back to reality for both politicians and the judiciary. There are currently thirty eight states asking for a Constitutional Convention and only thirty four is required. Yet Congress isn’t interested. Term limits would surely be approved and ridding us of the IRS would have enormous benefits. But the establishment that benefits knows it would be history.

Crony capitalism has been underground for a long time but it is coming out of the shadows. That is exactly what is happening in the Republican primaries.

Yet our support of minorities has become the news of today. If you read online articles, you will see demographics on gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals are all over the map. Kinsey had stated 10 percent of the U.S. population was gay and it has become a belief. The actual number is about 3 percent according to most estimates.

I believe gays were born that way but if we are truly a free country any business should be able to decide who they want to hire or serve. The national media call people bigots, for example, who don’t want bathrooms open to anyone who wants to use them. I have two daughters and I think they should be able to use a women’s restroom without fear that a man, whether dressed as woman or not, will come in. Guys probably don’t care, but the same applies.

North Carolina recently passed the so-called bathroom law, acknowledging that only people of the posted gender can enter restrooms. All hell broke loose! Cirque du Soleil canceled performances in North Carolina. Sports teams threatened to withhold their teams from the state. Businesses threatened the state, both inside the state and out. And of course the media called the action unconstitutional. The governor said things were working just fine and the government was merely reinforcing long held assurances for both sexes. Mississippi and Georgia, with similar laws, are facing similar threats.

The transgender lobby, so far, has not recognized that Arizona has similar restrictions.

Now I suppose all businesses should add a third restroom to please less than 3 percent of the population. I was having lunch in a place that has changed hands now with a retired doctor. He went to the men’s room and returned with a question, “Why the hell are there three restrooms?”

I said, “Did you notice the door sign?”

He said, “No.”

I said, “It says ‘Other.’ Get it? Men, women and other.”

He said, “That is disgusting. Why in the hell did we meet here?”

I said, “Because they have the best Caesar salad in town.” “Not worth it to me,” he said.

Old guys like us just are not in touch with our runaway nation.

Yes, our religions are under attack, our millennials have their heads up their you-know-whats and schools want more and more money for ambushing our kids with social leftism.

That tells me to NOT pass Proposition 123 and elect Trump as the next president!