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Don SorchychOver the years we have guessed Terry Zerkle was trying to find a way to become the Cave Creek Town Manager. I mentioned in an editorial his resume is as shop worn as an old suit as he sought town manager positions here and there. His tenure as Tempe Town Manager is clouded.

He was titled a dark sider years ago from volumes of letters he sent to agencies claiming Cave Creek had done wrong on various projects and actions. In every case I recall, Zerkle was wrong.

He doesn’t appear at Cave Creek council meetings as often as he used to, but his wife Katya Kincel appears frequently. I have videos from her performances at council I should send to Saturday Night Live.

On Sunday, April 17 it appears Zerkle (to keep his dark side spurs I suppose) held a dark side rally at his house. If any fly on the wall Creekers want to tell me what happened, just phone me at 480-488-2021 Ext. 25. We do not identify people who give us information so your identity is safe.

Maybe Zerkle had Bernie or Hillary there as guest speakers.

But the future of the Cave Creek Town Council and mayor is up for grabs if a majority of dark side candidates prevail. The dark side candidates follow the previous slate seeking four votes to control the town.

If I were Town Manager Peter Jankowski I would update my resume since Zerkle would be a walk-in if the dark side has a majority.

Will the dark side have a slate? We are told Eileen Wright is trying to field a slate. Wright herself ran with the slate two elections ago and ended up with the lowest number of recorded votes.

One slate member who was recalled is candidate Reg Monachino. Obviously, since he was voted out along with his three slate buddies, he has a mountain to climb.

Candidate David Smith assures me he is running independently and would not be slate member.

That leaves C.W. Jensen, John Vannucci, and Paul Diefenderfer (Anna Marsolo’s ex) as potential slate members.

Incumbent council members Susan Clancy and Thomas McGuire will run and former Councilman Dick Esser may run.

The Mayoral candidates are ex-Town Manager Usama Abujbarah, Councilman Ernie Bunch, Janelle Smith-Haff and Anna Marsolo.

I believe both Smith-Haff and Marsolo are dark side candidates. So the voters will likely choose Abujbarah or Bunch. Because there are so many candidates, the election will probably result in a runoff.

I guess most people know Mayor Vincent Francia is retiring as is Vice Mayor Steve LaMar. They have been jointly working on the preservation of 4,000 acres of state land that were annexed into the town several years ago. Prospects look good for success at little or no cost.

Creekers proved open space is a valuable town asset by their 78 percent vote to tax themselves to buy Spur Cross Ranch. However, there has been absolutely no mention of imposing a tax to secure the 4,000 acres as open space.

Care is needed here as the dark side is against open space and shouldn’t be in office. Open space is a huge advantage to Cave Creek but the dark side took a wrong turn in judging what voters think. The most vociferous on this issue is Wright, who is assumed to be the slate’s leader. While campaigning during the election that voted the now recalled slate in she was out in left field about what was going on in town. Her negative assertions were all found to be false after the slate was sworn in. We all had a take-away from the candidate forum where she said, “I have the ability to be intelligent.”

We have offered a 200 word printed statement to candidates. Although time is moving on, it is not too late to apply for a council seat. The dark side represents a real calamity for the town we all love. And more common sense, people who care about Cave Creek are needed so NO dark side candidates are elected.

National primaries

The Republican establishment is good at shooting themselves in the foot. In a constitutional republic why shouldn’t the primary winner be the presidential candidate? Primary candidates spend inordinate time and money and deserve a win-lose perspective rather than establishment choices with concordant attacks on candidates they do not happen to like. They are doing everything in their power to sink Trump because of how he says what he says. Political correctness (PC) is the prevailing philosophy destroying the nation and that among other promises is what has put steam in his campaign. Who among us (except illegal aliens) isn’t angered by meaningless promises to secure our borders. The same goes with the likely 20 million illegals residing here with little concern about deportation.

Thanks to Hussein Obama we are in a deep hole that only a non-Democrat can fix. Among the Republican contenders only Trump has the intelligence and resolve to begin the climb up and out from the deep financial canyon where Hussein has dumped us.

But it isn’t just the educational system that has created the Millennials who hoot and holler about voting for a socialist/communist named Bernie Sanders. Those attitudes wouldn’t exist if anyone with an IQ over 85 had been taught factual history by any other than Democrat professors. In high schools and colleges PC is taught, the deadly narcotic that pervades our once proud nation.