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Thank you all for your comments on our Snor’n Snews (April Fool’s) edition. Most enjoyed the humor of it. Sorry it was early but being a twice monthly with weekly online issues, this kind of compromise is necessary to support our advertisers.


An unbelievable amount of negative publicity has erupted against The Donald. The “Establishment” led by losing presidential candidate Mitt Romney has bashed everything about him, including his wife Melania, his history, even his manhood. His opponent Ted Cruz began the latest blitz when Trump posted a picture of Heidi Cruz next to his drop dead gorgeous ex-model wife. Obviously there was no comparison. Trump claimed Cruz’s super PAC started the attack by publishing nude pictures of Melania, taken 14 years ago for GQ magazine during her modeling career.

Now Cruz is accused of attempting to hijack the 58 Arizona delegates Trump won.

Local contributors to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are angry over Walker’s endorsement of Cruz.

It’s been said that Walker’s endorsement was in exchange for Cruz’s campaign paying off Walker’s campaign debt.

Early in the campaign, Walker was hosted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and there were even two fund raisers at the Buffalo Chip Saloon. One person who contributed a large sum is in Wisconsin now to talk to Walker. So far he has met with one of Walker’s staff who says he was against the endorsement and felt it compromised Walker’s political future.


After council members, who ran on a platform of “no road closures,” won the hearts of voters that recalled the slate, guess what? They lied, just like Washington.

I had heard from a council member that council deferred to staff, in other words Jankowski, about road closures.

So I drove into town on Saturday and Sunday and what I saw was exactly what happened in the past.

I called Town Marshal Adam Stein and asked him who was responsible for the road closures. He said he, Jankowski and Councilman Mark Lipsky decided the plan was the best thing for the town. Still, allowing Cave Creek Road parking instead of parking in the Roadhouse’s parking lot is a major problem because the Roadhouse used most of their parking spaces to accommodate out of town businesses. This is dirty business and who other than the Roadhouse owners are benefiting from this continual favoritism? Don’t forget the water tank sign in front of the Roadhouse is completely on town property which means there is the possibility of major liability. Council members tell me they voted to approve the development agreement because they were led to believe the barrel only intruded on town property by a matter of inches. Ask Planning Director Ian Cordwell or Building Official Mike Baxley, who both assert the tank monument is completely on town property.

Monday’s council meeting was unbelievable. There was an executive session about Jankowski’s employment. I think the council concluded Jankowski had a majority of four votes to get a one year extension and a $4,000 annual raise. Those who were going to vote to not renew Jankowski’s contract were Vice Mayor Steve LaMar, and council members Susan Clancy and Mark Lipsky. Everyone knew that Councilman Thomas McGuire flipped to support Jankowski, as had Councilman Dick Esser and both Mayor Vincent Francia and Councilman Ernie Bunch were known Jankowski supporters.

Before the vote, Esser whispered to LaMar and Clancy that he was sorry and would support them!

Then he went ahead and voted for the one year extension.

Whatever happened in executive session set up this lie and later Mark Lipsky resigned after making it clear that Jankowski was an inadequate town manager.

I underestimated Esser’s political acumen and ability to lie with a straight face, perhaps learned during his 30 years with ADOT.

Esser has vacillated about whether or not he will run again. If he thinks support of this newspaper is vital then he is done.

Packets for the upcoming primary election have been provided. No one has turned in the necessary minimum of 55 signatures yet.

For Mayor
Usama Abujbarah
Ernie Bunch
Janelle Smith-Haff
Anna Marsolo

For Council
Susan Clancy
C.W. Jensen
Paul Diefenderfer
Thomas McGuire
Reg Monochino
John Vannucci
Eileen Wright
David Smith

Although Mary Elrod has also picked up a packet to run for council, she has not filed papers to establish her political committee or $500 threshold exemption yet and may not circulate signature petitions.

These are largely Dark Side candidates so if you care about the future of Cave Creek you had better pull a packet.