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The actual size of the moon

By Thomas McGuire

You may be surprised that ancient astronomers were able to calculate both the size and the distance to the moon. In fact you can use your own observations of last Sunday evening’s lunar eclipse, or my photograph of Earth’s shadow moving across the moon shown here to help you yourself determine both values ... Read More

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my view by don sorchych'MY VIEW'   |   BY DON SORCHYCH

Roadhouse excesses and road closures

In the September 23 issue Linda Bentley explained the outcome of the Hideaway Roadhouse’s (previously Tap Haus) citations for building its “porch” without town approval and for extending the porch onto town property.

Guest Editorials:

• The establishment’s 2016 election strategy | By Lawrence Sellin, PhD
Most Ominous Predicament Facing Humanity in the 21st Century: Human Overpopulation
  By Frosty Wooldridge

Capitalism is the only moral choice | By RICK MANNING
A framework for patient harm | By Robert Goldberg

Letters to the Editor


Pet News: Snakes: A vital piece of the ecosystem puzzle

While some of us might say that the thought of snakes makes our hair on the back of our necks stand up, there are reasons to have happy thoughts when thinking of these legless creatures. Snakes play a very important role in our ecosystem. They help to keep insect, mouse and other rodent populations down. Snakes are capable of entering into tiny burrows and tight spaces to catch their prey while most other predators cannot. Keeping some of these prey populations down can also mean reducing diseases. Many rodents are hosts to ticks and other vectors that spread disease. Snakes help to curb the spread of these diseases by limiting prey numbers.

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