lovers and liars bookcoverLovers & Liars

Alex, an international model, grows weary of glitz and glamour and looks to her husband, Ron Gerard, a “nice, stable doctor,” to provide some normalcy in her life.

She soon discovers, however, that the good doctor is a swinger who prefers sex with other women. At first, Alex enjoys the parties, excitement, and uninhibited sex, but she soon realizes the only reason Ron values her is because her alluring body and exotic looks open up doors to the swinging scene her husband could never walk through on his own.

Alex wants more, and she finds it in the arms of Jack Grant, a married man. As the affair blossoms, Alex becomes depressed and irrational. Her only hope for happiness, she believes, is to leave her husband and convince Jack to leave his wife.

Jack is torn between continuing the incredible sex with Alex and leaving his wife who he still loves. When he ends the affair, Alex becomes ever more unstable, and event spiral to a conclusion that no one could have ever foreseen. Explore a world of swinger, faithless love and betrayal in Lovers & Liars.

Comments from readers of Lovers & Liars by Dick Elder

The physical and mental catharsis of Alex was suspenseful, and I appreciated the redemptive ending.  Mostly I am awed and inspired by a writer's discipline to plan, outline and develop believable characters for 342 pages, and a time continuum that does not belie their original beginnings.

I liked the characters you created in Greg and Charlotte. The story line as a whole kept me intrigued; I liked the whole Vegas thing with the Russian Mafia and the Lindi character. All in all I enjoyed it, especially since I hardly ever read non-fiction.

Your book opened my eyes to a completely different world and I'm not uncertain I don't know the same people between your characters and my real life friends and associates. What an interesting journey.... 

Wow. I thought maybe I had some idea of where this train wreck was heading. Then it curved left, then right then, it's over the side of the road. Leon coming back from the dead to save her was beautiful. Alex truly is a woman with a beautiful heart. Misguided, but beautiful.