some are destinedSome Are Destined

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, an exciting time to be alive in Chicago during the year 1974.  This is a tale about a man society turned its back on simply because he was different.

In a moment of passion, he commits murder, and later encounters a lovely woman who recognizes his suffering.  Both souls are damaged, but their combined anguish begins their redemption. 

Some Are Destined
is a thrilling love tale that shows what the smallest amount of caring can accomplish.  The author does not preach, but lets all the stirring characters work their magic.  This is a page-turner about a period of time half the population remembers as if yesterday, so take a deep breath and enter the Devil's Den Disco bar with care. 

If you want to experience the 70s in Chicago, meet thought provoking characters, and read something edgy and unpredictable, this is your chance to be captivated and enjoy a great story.