New book “Shooting Blanks” shoots holes in Gun Grabber arguments! Facts Donít Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd

When you and other thinking Americans Read it … Firearms Haters Can Kiss Their Gun Ban Plans Goodbye!!

SHOOTING BLANKS“Shooting Blanks” should be mandatory reading for any firearms enthusiast. In the course of thirteen hard-hitting chapters, authors Gottlieb and Workman debunk and demolish the myths, misinterpretations, and outright falsehoods used again and again by Gun Control Extremists in their dishonest war on Second Amendment rights and the American people.

Honesty, facts, and reason combine in this new must-read tour de force from the authors. “Shooting Blanks,: for the first time in just one book, shows how to shatter gun grabber fallacies with facts and logic. Fallacy and falsehood alike fall before the eloquent and logical fact-based analysis brought to bear by the authors. Written by the most prominent minds in the Second Amendment rights movement today.

Filled with examples, “Shooting Blanks” gives you the ammunition you need in discussions over coffee or testifying before the legislature and at all points between. See the bait and switch techniques of the gun banners, their subtle propaganda, and how they try to steal the high ground in every conversation – and how to keep that from happening.

The hard-hitting facts presented in this book make it the block-buster of the decade among gun rights books! The gun banners agenda, based on a foundation of lies and delusion, builds a house of cards using fear, uncertainty, and doubt shored up with propaganda, the celebration of “feelings” over facts and logic, and the promotion of victimhood over self-reliance.

Don’t be trapped in a no-win conversation where you’ve let a gun-banner define the terms! Learn the facts, presented in Shooting Blanks that decisively refutes the gun-banners' most powerful so-called arguments, and seizes the high ground!
Some of the hardest hitting and most effective work for firearms rights isn’t in front of a judge – it’s in quiet conversations over coffee with friends or strangers and in testimony before city, county, state, and federal legislative bodies, breaking the gun banners web of lies and deceit woven these last several decades – sometimes a single mind at a time, sometimes by the bushel basket.

Shooting Blanks gives you the tools to break through the falsehoods and propaganda with any fair-minded person by presenting them with fact-based arguments and sufficient examples to shatter almost any preconceptions.

Get your copy of Shooting Blanks from and in these times, it may be the most important purchase you make all year!