New science fiction book presents theories about aliens, angels and end times

as the lightning comesAuthor Svensk Öob provides a thought-provoking view and interpretation of traditional biblical conventions in his novel As the Lightning Comes.

Johannesburg, South Africa April 11, 2012 – Svensk Öob’s As the Lightning Comes weaves together the captivating themes of ancient astronauts, angel visitations, hidden Bible codes, end-time prophecies, and international conspiracy. The story follows the quest of cynical lawyer John Marshall to locate the Tree of Knowledge and pass its key on to the one called the Son of Man.

The key, an ancient artifact that guides and gives access to a subterranean installation, is the remnant of a long lost civilization that included the Atlantians. Located in the bowels of a Nepalese mountain, the installation houses an arsenal of futuristic flying craft of the sort mistakenly labeled as UFOs. It is also the repository known as the Tree of Knowledge, an electronic archive of the long-forgotten past, shades of which were captured in myth, folklore, and religion.

Marshall unwittingly becomes the last custodian of the key when he tries to rescue an elderly Eastern wise man. He teams up with fellow American, evangelist, and one-time Middle Eastern linguistic expert, Marc Arnold, who in turn ropes in the assistance of longtime friend, Kirsty Gordon, a Scottish aristocrat and archaeologist. Their quest across three continents is thwarted by dark forces seeking to possess the key.

“This book raises the interesting questions,” says Öob, “of whether the Christ and Antichrist are both alive on earth right now, biding their time before their final confrontation, and whether angels are extraterrestrial beings.”

The trio need to find the Tree of Knowledge and the Messiah in time to thwart the Antichrist and save the Earth from an immense meteorite storm. The final countdown has commenced.

Öob recalls a troubling dream that was the basis for some of the events in As the Lightning Comes. “With 2012 upon us, I could no longer keep it to myself. Years ago, I dreamt about the world ending through a collision with a comet. Perhaps it was a premonition of the end of the world,” says Öob. “This novel might turn out to be a true story.”

The website contains further information on the fascinating topics relayed in the book, including angels and aliens, UFOs and the Bible, and the connection between the year 2012 and “the end of time” prophecy.
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About Svensk Öob
The author can be reached via his legal representative, N. John Melville. Svensk Öob does not disclose his present whereabouts or family details as he fears he will meet a similar fate to that suffered by Alberto Rivera, which is mentioned in the book.