your first gunBan guns or buy guns?

New book proposes novel solution

A new book by a nationally recognized gun-law expert takes a surprising perspective on the gun controversy.

alan korwinWhile the nation is debating how many and which firearms to ban, Your First Gun by prolific author Alan Korwin (r) is advising people on overcoming the fears and inertia that keep them out of the gun community – to more easily lose their gun virginity and buy a gun.

"It is completely out of left field," Korwin says, acknowledging the pun, "and against the flow of today's news, but that's exactly the point," he says.

"Sixty million American homes are safely armed – and are never in the news – so why not yours?" he asks.

Guns have great social utility, are virtually never used to hurt anyone, and this has been totally overlooked in the current frenzy. Is it time at last for you to get a gun? Americans are flocking to gun stores in record numbers – this book tells why.

Your First Gun is not about how guns work, how to shoot straight or a shopper's guide. It is a plain-English question-and-answer look at the social and cultural ingredients of gun ownership. Gun owners take this for granted, but gunless people, and especially reporters and the political left, are essentially clueless about all this. It is an eye opener for people who aren't gun cultured.

Gun ownership is normal healthy behavior, and Bloomberg News recently reported* that more than half of all homes have at least one firearm, contradicting the book's position that half of all homes have guns. The figure is not precisely known, since gun ownership is a private matter in a free country like the United States. Half of everyone's neighbors own firearms, how about that.

In an unusual twist, the book is being marketed not to the gunless, though that is a secondary target, so to speak, but to gun owners themselves, for giving to their unarmed friends and relatives.

"Gun owners are frustrated," author Korwin says, "at how poorly they are understood by some people who are close to them. This book explains gun ownership in a friendly, normative way that communicates to the gunless and removes the confusion, doubt and fear. It's better than arguing with your co-workers or cousins."

Your First Gun bridges a gap between nice guys who own guns -- rich and poor -- and those who don't own or even understand why anyone would even want to own a gun.

"It is remarkable that in this day and age a person could graduate from high school or college and not understand why so many Americans choose to own firearms. Maybe something is missing in our education system. What do you think the chances are that a simple book like this would make it into a classroom for study these days? Would kids or teachers be punished for bring this book to school? It's only a book."

Reports that the public school system is spreading ignorance instead of education about firearms could not be confirmed before press time.