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JUNE 22, 2016

Dining with your dog

The dos and the don'ts at pet friendly restaurants

Pets are family and when we venture out, they should be able to join us! That includes bringing them to pet friendly restaurants. Although pets are not allowed inside establishments that serve food due to health code laws, many restaurants have pet friendly outdoor seating and welcome four-legged guests to accompany their pet parents. However, there are a few tips that pet parents should heed before and during dining with their pups to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.


Remember Sacagawea?

james k whiteToussaint Charbonneau is not a name that is known to many except history buffs. However, his wife was quite famous for aiding American explorers Lewis & Clark in the early 1800s. Her name was Sacagawea and her likeness is on one version of a U.S. one dollar coin.

Sheridan, Wyoming is a western town named after General Philip Sheridan of Civil War fame. For decades, the population has been steadily hovering around 17,000 and those inhabitants got a mostly unexpected thrill in 1984 when the Queen of England and her entourage came into town. Elizabeth II dined at a local restaurant and those close to her said that event marked only the third time in her life that she had eaten food ordered from a menu.