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June 15, 2016

Curly and his friends need your help

With summer upon us, the temperatures in Arizona have already begun to soar. The first weekend in June broke old record temperatures when we hit 115 degrees. When everyone else leaves for cooler climates in the summer, our farm residents don't get to. They have to endure brutal temperatures from May through October. It is crucial to their well-being to add misters to their shade structures to help keep them cool.


The mercurial malaise of Millennials

steele coddingtonIn an exercise of frustration a bunch of my brilliant elementary school readers asked a question that reflected their interest in the plethora of media concentration on Millennials. "Who the hell are they?" they asked. Their adult-like seriousness was implied by the injection of a mild profanity to convince us they didn't want to be a part of them. Their reasoning? "If 53 percent of Millennials believe Socialism is better than Capitalism, they had better be reeducated in a Charter School that offers a realistic history of economic systems," they opined!