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April 13, 2016

by Sam Steiger

The GOP is dead

"Sam wrote this prescient article on April 29, 1998, 18 years ago. Although the names during that time are different than the names of today, Republican failures are timeless. They continue."

There is no more Republican Parly in the United States. In a remarkable reversal of the 1994 congressional election message, the elected officials in the Republican Party at the state and national level have abandoned any semblance of Republican principles, or really any other sort of principles and are focused on proving that all the stereotypes of political infamy are true. The evidence is not only compelling, it is not refutable. The party has no defense. There is no cadre of principled people holding a fort of constitutional, meager government. There is only capitulation to election year politics all the time.

Guest Editorials:

By Frosty WooldridgeApril 13, 2016

Why are Western countries importing more Muslim terror?

Muslims prove themselves terrorists every week of the year.  Their Qur’an mandates killing all people who fail to accept the prophet’s violent mandates.  (Chapter) Sura 9:123—“Convert or kill all non-believers.”

The Qur’an contains 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some prove graphic, with commands to “chop off their heads and fingers, and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding.”

By Rick Manning  |  April 13, 2016

Broadband is now a right, corporate cronyism runs amok with $9.25/mon. Obamanet 

The Federal Communications Commission just created Obamanet by providing a $9.25 subsidy for millions deemed to be in need of broadband Internet service.

How did the FCC get the power to spend $2.4 billion of tax dollars each year? Congress gave it to them when they provided control over the taxes paid on our phone bills each month.  So now each of us can feel good about the usurious taxes plunked onto our already exorbitant phone charges.

By Robert Romano April 13, 2016

Will global trade and automation lead to a world without work? 

A combination of globalization and automation is eroding labor force participation in the U.S., leading to an economy that is growing less, a labor force that is working less and a nation that is weakening internally as communities, families and individuals fail to adapt to the new economic reality.

Since 2000, when permanent normal trade relations with China were formalized the civilian labor force participation rate among 16-64 year olds has collapsed from more than a 77 percent rate at the turn of the century to just 72.6 percent in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That has been right alongside declining U.S. market share globally of manufactured goods exports worldwide as a percent of worldwide exported manufactures, which peaked in 1999 at 13.48 percent, and has been declining ever since, according to data compiled by the World Bank. In 2014, it was down to 7.45 percent.

By Marita Noon April 13, 2016

Rooftop solar companies will only play if the game is stacked in their favor

The past couple of weeks have highlighted the folly of the energy policies favored by left-leaning advocacy agencies that, rather than allowing consumers and markets to choose, require government mandates and subsidies. Three major, but very different, solar entities — that would not exist without such political preference — are now facing demise. Even with the benefit of tax credits, low-interest loans, and cash grants that state and federal governments have bestowed on them, the solar industry is struggling.