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Snor’n Snews

Thank you all for your comments on our Snor’n Snews (April Fool's) edition. Most enjoyed the humor of it. Sorry it was early but being a twice monthly with weekly online issues, this kind of compromise is necessary to support our advertisers.

Guest Editorials:

By Thomas Sowell APRIL 6, 2016

Charlatans and sheep

One of the secrets of successful magicians on stage is directing the audience's attention to something attractive or distracting, but irrelevant to what is actually being done. That is also the secret of successful political charlatans.

Consider the message directed at business owners by Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama – "You didn't build that!"

By Frosty WooldridgeAPRIL 6, 2016

After Brussels Massacre: Shut Down All Muslim Immigration Into America

After Muslim immigrants blasted Brussels’ main airport into millions of glass shards and metal shrapnel—it’s time to shut down all Muslim immigration into America.  For that matter, shut it down in all western countries like Canada, Europe and Australia.  Muslims prove themselves too violent to dwell in civilized countries.  As their numbers grow, their violence accelerates. 

By Nathan Mehrens  |  APRIL 6, 2016

March Regulatory Madness

In typical pre-holiday fashion, the Obama Administration last week released several controversial regulations, among them the long-anticipated "persuader" regulation from the U.S. Department of Labor. This 127,000 word regulation deals with reporting requirements for employers and attorneys and other consultants who assist employers on workplace matters, including issues surrounding unionization campaigns.

By Rick Manning  |  APRIL 6, 2016

Obama's politically correct retirement investment funny business

Should the federal government encourage pension funds and other federally sanctioned retirement vehicles to engage in politically correct, socially conscious investing?

The answer is yes according to a guidance document recently released by the U.S. Department of Labor which oversees all private employer pension plans.  In a carefully worded change of policy, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez moved away from the previous standard which only allowed socially conscious investment funds to be included in private pension portfolios in rare circumstances, to a policy that encourages people's retirement security to be tied to the performance of these funds.