February 10, 2016

Senate President Biggs on plan to restore JTED funding and establish reforms

“For several weeks, Senator Don Shooter has been leading an effort to restore funding to Arizona’s Joint Technical Education Districts (JTEDs), while at the same time establishing reforms to make sure money is flowing to strong courses and programs. In the past few days, the plan came together, and the Legislature has a responsible and effective restoration and reform package.

The decision in the House of Representatives to put Senator Shooter’s plan on “the fast-track” is an endorsement of his hard work. I am pleased to see the House recognize his quest to find the most effective measures to help students who choose Career and Technical Education (CTE).

When Senator Shooter introduced his bill last week, the House decided to mirror the Senate proposal, and in a rarely-seen show of support, more than fifty House members signed on as a Prime Sponsor.

Everyone in Arizona will benefit from this package of funding and reforms, and it all began with a Senator who worked tirelessly and with a laser focus to make it happen.”