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February 3, 2016

Hearts & Howls at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

SCOTTSDALE – February, 2016- You and your valentine will enjoy a unique experience as you embark on a guided tour around our wildlife sanctuary. You’ll get the opportunity to see mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, porcupines, foxes, coatis, and black bears by moonlight, and hear the beautiful serenade from our Mexican gray wolves. Emphasis will be placed on the true love stories between some of our resident animals at Southwest. Each couple will also receive a special Southwest Wildlife bag of goodies to take with them. Light refreshments and gourmet desserts will be served.

Pet of the Week: Jomax


Is America aware of its future?

steele coddingtonIs the America we know in its final days? If its citizens are unaware of the reality, of what threatens its existence, it is a real possibility! In 2015 Ann Coulter, the fearless and compelling author of 10 N.Y. Times Best Sellers, published a serious message to America with "Adios America!" I've written about her book before, but in light of recent disastrous worldwide developments stemming from unfettered immigration, her book constitutes a profound early warning about the incredible dangers promoted by our ignorance of the consequences of immigration. Our immigration system is a modern day Fifth Column, manipulated in ways that seem to benefit everyone but the U.S. It is a vast network that supplies the grease that slides untold numbers of illegals, refugees, visa seekers, Jihadists, and low skilled workers into the U.S. with no accountability.