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BY DON SORCHYCH  |  January 20, 2016

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We give you the true picture of what Obama’s administration has done to our once exceptional country.

It is doubtless Obama was ushered in by essentially all of the media in this country because he is black. Despite many clues, such as massive expenditures to keep hidden his college records and friendships with the likes of ex-Weatherman Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, the media failed to come anywhere close to explaining his deep involvement with these anti-Americans. The current single-minded obsession with political correctness (PC) has brought the most exceptional nation ever on the planet to its tipping point.

Can you imagine just a few years ago that a socialist candidate would ever be considered as the leading candidate of the Democrat Party, much less for president? Even the farsighted framers of the Constitution thought they had preempted that kind of excess.

Worse, we say we are a free nation.


The First and Second Amendments are under fire, tested and criticized daily.

Why, for example, can’t I start a business and decide who I allow as customers? Your answer today would be: it wouldn’t be fair to discriminate. Why can’t a free American discriminate? Who is being hurt if you decide to limit your business? Why can’t an American criticize another without being accused of hate words? What are hate words and why should they be condemned? Society can’t change a free person’s heart but can and has changed what they say and how they say it, usually by shaming them. Colleges, universities, some businesses, government agencies and the military teach and demand PC so generations of students have been brain-washed to be PC.

Today, black actors whining about not being selected in the Oscar competition are supported in their assertions by PC white actors. Few, who insist on being free Americans, like Clint Eastwood, have called the complainers down saying not everyone wins.

But universities embrace and practice PC, including it in the criteria used to choose who can attend their ivy covered institutions of “learning,” believing, I guess, they are smartest on their campus.

They choose students by race and wealth. I know a lad who graduated with honors from Emory University. While there, he worked part time for a company who helped brain injured people hunt.

After graduation, he spent time in the Amazon region attending to the health of local tribes. While there he contracted several fevers.

He applied for medical school at Florida State University but was turned down. A doctor friend of his was outraged and contacted the selection committee. He was told the applicant wasn’t a minority and his parents made too much money.

So PC is dumbing down the institutions of learning. Wouldn’t you prefer a doctor, lawyer or any other professional to be the best they can be?



Our Sales Manager, Charlie Blankenship and I make luncheon bets on NFL football games. He is a Cardinals fan and I am not.

When I arrived in Arizona in 1985, county politicians were debating whether to build a stadium and invite a team to come to Arizona. They debated back and forth but it was all for effect. They had their minds made up. So they voted in a property tax to pay for their stadium. When I lived in Florida, the Miami Dolphins built their stadium with private money, not tax dollars.

Last Sunday the Arizona Cardinals played the Carolina Panthers for the NFC Championship and the Denver Broncos played the New England Patriots for the AFC Championship.

I was living in Florida in 1972 when the Dolphins had a perfect season and the New England Patriots were despised because they often beat the Dolphins.

So I chose the Broncos who beat the Patriots 20-18.

The Panthers lost only one game coming into the Super Bowl.

I never liked Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton. I felt he was arrogant and a headline seeker. But as the season went along, his smile throughout all the games was charming and indicated he loves what he is doing. Also his habit of giving his touchdown balls to kids, for whatever reason, is indicative he really cares about kids. I discovered a foundation in his name that is all about kids. I hope you saw the expression on the face of a girl about 5 years old; her mouth was open like the moon and she hugged the football like it was her favorite doll. Similarly a little boy hugged his gift from Cam, daring anyone to try and take it away.

In case you didn’t see the game, the Panthers destroyed the Cardinals 49 -15!

Newton is big, strong, caring, fast, accurate and a leader.

As much as I like the Broncos and Payton Manning, they will have their hands full during the Super Bowl.

Incidentally, Charlie took the Panthers for our next luncheon bet.