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JANUARY 20, 2016

Pet transportation safety

The holiday season has ended, meaning most families are returning from their travels. For some people, pets are a part of the celebration and are included in travel plans. While some pets are easy travel companions, others are better left at home in the care of a trusted friend or neighbor. Even if visiting your veterinarian is the most you travel with your pet, every owner should understand pet transportation safety.

Pet of the Week: Diamond


The Abominable “Snow-Job” Man

steele coddington“Snow-Job” Man is no relation to or anything like Yeti, Asia’s famous Abominable Snowman, or America’s Bigfoot/Sasquatch. America’s unique “Snow-Job” Man is in the White House dreaming up ways to pull the wool over the public’s eyes regarding what has been the most disastrous, incompetent Presidency since the country was created. His State of the Union was pure false advertising fantasy, presented by a talented actor whose ability to manipulate reality deserves an Oscar.