The Abominable “Snow-Job” Man

steele coddington

“Snow-Job” Man is no relation to or anything like Yeti, Asia’s famous Abominable Snowman, or America’s Bigfoot/Sasquatch. America’s unique “Snow-Job” Man is in the White House dreaming up ways to pull the wool over the public’s eyes regarding what has been the most disastrous, incompetent Presidency since the country was created. His State of the Union was pure false advertising fantasy, presented by a talented actor whose ability to manipulate reality deserves an Oscar.

The only reference to Bigfoot is the proverbial “Big-Foot-in-the-Mouth,” that accompany his attempts to grab headlines from a shamefully ignorant, pandering press. His deceitful game is crafted to highlight his perennial pie-in-the-sky feel-good projects, most of which are solely, purposefully to cover up or distract from his incredible failures. As a chief executive he is “fundamentally transforming” America into a third world mess ruled by a lying “Snow-Job” Man.
He issued a meaningless gun control Executive Order that does nothing to prevent criminals or mentally disturbed people from acquiring guns, and his global warming summit produced phony warnings and no fixes. Those are side issues to distract ignorant voters’ worrying about world-wide Jihad, ISIS, alienation of our Allies and useless Nuclear Agreements. But those issues pale compared with Obama’s efforts to flood the U.S. with totally dangerous levels of immigrants whose inabilities to assimilate are currently manifesting in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Germany is now waking up to the incredible consequences of its suicidal refugee program. As Investors Business Daily depressingly editorialized about Germany’s recent outbreak of refugee violence, it “is the direct result of their multicultural brain-washing and moral relativism.” A national self-destruction is developing caused by Germany’s shame and guilt since World War II which, “Has translated into some insane policies, including open-door immigration for large groups of Muslims who have no hope of integrating into ...Germany’s economy or culture.” The conclusion is a frightening “good bye Germany.” “A flood of that many immigrants washing over a continent that no longer admires, respects, or believes in its own unique culture can mean only one thing: The death of Germany and eventually Europe.”

That sounds like “Snow-Job” Man’s plans for the U.S., as he finds ways to lecture you on how mean you are to want to ban Syrian refugees. You haven’t heard a smidgen of his Muslim immigration plans because they’re hidden from you. Example: On Dec. 31, published in the Federal register was a new Obama Executive Order plan to issue “work” permits to 100,000 foreign college graduates. But the headline of an IBD editorial back on Dec. 24 was even more persuasive about Obama’s plans to increase the Muslim population in America which read: “Can the country survive Obama’s Pro-Muslim Bias?” Written by Paul Sperry, author of “Infiltration” and “Muslim Mafia,” it listed 21 separate, distinct, biased statements or actions that constitute, as he calls it, “An indictment of Obama.” Number 21 should clinch it for anyone with doubts: “The Obama regime has invited members of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood front groups to serve in the Homeland Security and State Departments, and meet regularly with the Attorney General, the President and his security advisors in the White House.” You can order that issue from IBD or subscribe to one of the best investigative sources of the truth about “Snow-Job” Man or Hillary, “Snow-Job” Woman. (IBD 1-800-831-2525)