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BY DON SORCHYCH  |  January 13, 2016

don sorchych

Chip T-shirts

Dr. Kelli Ward

Cave Creek Council

Chip T-shirts

We have received “Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steak House” T-shirts to help support their employees who have suffered a loss due to the devastating Buffalo Chip fire. The shirts are brown and underneath the business statement is printed “We will be back. The Chip will rise again, 2016.” On the back, the logo is again printed as is “CAVE CREEK STRONG.” We have sizes large and extra large. The shirts are $20 minimum and all proceeds go the Buffalo Chip Employee Fund at Parkway Bank.

Kelli Ward
The 2016 election against Senator John McCain is warming up. Linda Bentley and I interviewed Kelli Ward, an emergency room doctor, about her desire to retire McCain. Ward, whose husband is also a physician, was accompanied by her mother who is a pediatrician.

Ward was a second term Arizona legislator before resigning to run for the U.S. Senate. She showed real passion about conservative views of state and national government and where significant changes need to be made.

This state is full of RINOs like McCain, because many politicians claim to be conservative in this conservative state in order to be elected but when they take their seats in Phoenix or Washington their liberal (Democrat) votes expose them. Rather than stand for conservative values, McCain is a big aisle crosser and proud of it as he joins the ranks with liberal democrats when he votes. He has used his POW imprisonment for too long. Give him thanks for that and retire him.

Ward is not a professional politician but she is smart and obviously of the right political persuasion. She is representative of the founder’s idea to have committed citizens that don’t make a career of politics. It is early and McCain has a formidable war chest but others have overcome the money problems. We will follow this race, so keep your powder dry and donate what you can.

Cave Creek
Malcontents Unanimous also abbreviated to DS (dark side) is madly trooping from home to home to spread their view of the disasters facing this town.

As I said before, DS has started to follow the same path they did to install the slate. Back then it was Enchanted Canyon and now it is zoning, property tax, debt, private party lawsuits; OMG disasters!

Reg Monachino who was subdued in the election and dumped with the Slate is getting mouthy again. He asked “Do you want the town to be governed by a tabloid?” Since Sonoran News is and always has been a broad sheet publication he must be talking about the 8.5 x 11 inch trash piece mailed monthly to annoy Creekers where he can spout off with his pals about how little they know.

I wonder why Town Manager Peter Jankowski allowed a crank like Monachino on the budget committee while refusing Vice Mayor Steve LaMar. Also, you have to wonder why the town allows a potential DS candidate for council to be on three committees? And then there is the rumor that Jankowski’s advisor is DS David Smith. OMG again!

It is time for good guys and girls to consider council. The slate wanted power and worse. Cave Creek needs civic minded Creekers, not power freaks. There apparently will be a mayoral position to be filled if Mayor Vincent Francia retires as he says he will. Councilman Ernie Bunch thirsts to be mayor.

DS people insist Adam Trenk will run for mayor. Lots of luck on that one with the tons of baggage he has.

Then there is former Town Manager Usama Abujbarah who was terminated by the slate, which led to an expensive lawsuit and later a settlement. After 14 years of service as town manager no one I know felt he was treated fairly and the town owes him. From what we hear, he plans to run for mayor. So hold on to your cowboy hat, lots of excitement coming.

The DS candidates are assumed to be Eileen Wright, Reg Monachino, David Smith, Mike Durkin and probably more. Anybody who feels they can beat that group, drop in and we’ll kick it around.

Even though six council members (less mayoral candidate Ernie Bunch) have voted to put the Roadhouse in their place, their job is not done.

The town was sneaky when they got the council to vote for renewal of a previously approved water barrel boasting signage which stands in front of the Roadhouse and is 100 percent on town property, representing a serious liability for Cave Creek. The barrel should be taken down posthaste before there is an accident and its location is begging one.

Another town delinquency is failure to perform an audit of certain of town businesses. Some bars and also visiting white tents discount purchases if cash is tendered. So when councilmen or others bend over backwards arguing for loose rules the town suffers due to collection of less tax revenue.