Golf. Antidote for PC

steele coddington

Happy New Year! My strange but brilliant wish for the New Year is for more and more Americans to take up the game of golf. On the fairways for some folks, golf might be a better way to smoke up your recreational grass. Not only because they would enjoy the game, but to experience an initial exposure to RULES that provide an ethical foundation for preserving truthful and honest conduct. It would initiate a fun way to promote an understanding of the concept of America’s fundamental guarantee of freedom entitled, “The Rule of Law.” That concept has preserved the guarantee of fairness and justice in a society governed by a Constitution and not by the “Rule of Man.”

Golf rules teach the value of telling the truth which is especially important for people who may not have been subject to school, parental, or church rules. When I was in elementary school in the little rural 3-grades-in-one-room schoolhouse, the one teacher, my parents and Sunday School gave us plenty of examples of why lying is usually pretty scummy. Fortunately, near the school was a little 9-hole public county golf course. As kids, we learned you have to play by the rules or no one would play with you. Golf is an ethical sport. The more you play, the more important adherence to the rules becomes. Preservation of truth is part of the game. Sure, there are people who lie. The game is available even to people who tell whoppers. If they were caught, we called them a derisive and unwanted golf term – "Bogey Butt."

The whole purpose of this concentration on golf is to relate the ethics of it to an opposite equivalent on the left, designed to manipulate the truth. It's called Political Correctness (PC). The leading proponents of the conscientious use of this new version of brainwashing are two ultra Progressive U.S. leaders who have adopted the practice of bending the truth to suit their interpretation of fact. It's a new high point of their phony persuasion. PC is like finding your golf ball in an unplayable lie and covertly kicking it into a playable lie when no one is looking to avoid a penalty stroke. It amounts to maneuvering the lie or altering it with slick rhetoric or action so it appears to be true. Based on that premise, in politics or golf, Obama and Clinton could be called "Bogey Butts" on any scorecard.

You won't hear either of them praising their real Marxist Saul Alinsky ideology. But both are acolytes, with hidden agendas cast in feel-good rhetoric of leftist propaganda buzz words designed to portray some imaginary victimization. "We will fix inequality" which studies have established as more a condition of education, family habit and status, job skills, effort, preference and ability than the "gender" warfare it promotes. "Fairness" means how to spread the wealth. "Amnesty" for illegals. And lately, Syrian refugees. The favorite liberal rationale against banning them is, "That's not like us!" It ignores the Muslim "No-Go" zones of unassimilated refugees harboring all kinds of Jihadists in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, etc, etc.

America might survive Obama, but continued revelations by government watch-dog Judicial Watch concerning Clinton and the newly discovered Email "gap" of five months may be a bombshell. If it reveals personal emails to staff members she might have to use denials like husband Bill:

Bill: "I did not have sex with that woman."
Hillary: "I did not have text with that woman."

And Obama ‒ sure he plays golf, but he probably lists holes-in-one on every other hole just like the miracles he has performed using P.C. for the U.S.. They've dug us deeper than any sand trap on a golf course. Wonder why he signs his scorecard "Pinocchio."