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DECEMBER 30, 2015

Badgers that just wanted to play

Badgers are animals that we don't normally see at Southwest Wildlife. Well this year we received two badger youngsters  that needed a helping hand!

Pet of the Week: Big Guy


A place named Muckanaghederdauhaulia

james k white Woolly bovines called highlanders thrive in the pastures and mountains of Scotland. Those extraordinary animals have two distinct lengths of hair, each providing special protections. The longer strands (often measuring 12 inches or more) are oily and jiggly which are functional in fending off rain, snow and insect pests. The dense shorter coats keep the animals warm in frigid weather that would doom other livestock. Since the highlanders are kept warm without needing special thick layers of fat, the beef they provide is remarkably lean. The hair coats are normally shed (and regrown) annually. The hardy mammals can also eat plants too tough for most grazers. The breed is becoming popular in climes once thought too cold for beef cattle, especially in regions of Canada and Alaska.