DECEMBER 23, 2015

New less-lethal weapon to be used by law enforcement agencies in the United States

PHOENIX – Arizona-based weapons distributor, Defenzia unveiled the release of a new less-lethal weapon for U.S. law enforcement agencies last month. The Defenzia M09 compact pistols fire rubber impact rounds and offer deputies another choice for a less-lethal response to force encounters.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu announced in a November press conference that they will be the first law enforcement agency in the United States to issue the less-lethal weapon to all patrol deputies.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Defenzia Managing Partner, Leao Gitirana

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu demonstrates the Denfenzia M09 pistol

Sherriff Babeu said this weapon could be transformative for law enforcement across America, especially now at a time when the public is questioning law enforcement’s use of force.

“These stories are all too familiar,” Sheriff Babeu said. “This handgun could end a situation where force is required but won’t result in death. Anytime we can put an extra tool in our toolbox to help us save lives, there is an obvious benefit to the entire community.”

Defenzia M09 enables law enforcement gradual and proportionate use of force, dramatically reducing cases where the use of lethal firearms is necessary.

“We believe that the concept of less-lethal force leads to respect for human rights and the preservation of life, while protecting the physical integrity of law enforcement staff and the civilian population,” says Denfenzia Managing Partner, Leao Gitirana.

The small handgun is a short, barrel-less four shot pistol with laser targeting allowing it to shoot accurately up to 75 feet, regardless of the handler’s skill level. The gun uses 18x55mm rounds designed for less-lethal force applications. The rubber impact sensation is similar to that of getting hit with a baseball bat.

In addition to the rubber impact rounds, the handgun features a range of other special cartridges including pepper-gel, flash/sound distraction rounds and colored flares. The gun retails at $1,100 and each cartridge costs $8.

Defenzia has plans to launch in the civilian market early next year.