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Prelude to next year’s election

You may remember how the slate-dominated council started. The dark side voters played the card “OMG what a terrible development is sneaking in.” Everyone knew the development, Enchanted Canyon, wasn’t going anywhere but the dark side raised $40,000, reputably to fight the development but really to buy their way onto the council. So they were voted in with their four vote majority.

Guest Editorials:


Losing our country: The Muslim motive for violence

A husband-wife American Muslim terror team killed 14 and wounded 21 in San Bernardino, California. They slaughtered the husband’s colleagues at a Christmas party. The same people that Syed Frook worked with for years became his victims. Cold, heartless, savagery!

Both terrorists carried ammo belts, bulletproof vests, pipe bombs and automatic weapons.

By Lawrence Sellin, PhD   |  DECEMBER 16, 2015

The political-media establishment is the enemy

The 2016 election is not a contest between the Democrat and Republican ideologies, nor is it a choice among various approaches to address the nation’s problems, but something far more fundamental.

It is a battle between the entrenched power of the bipartisan political-media establishment versus the rights and liberties of the American people.

By Matt Barber  |  DECEMBER 16, 2015

'Christian terrorists' don't exist

“I’m sick of these white male NRA Republicans and their mass shootings beca … um, Sayed Farook? Hey, let’s not vilify an entire group.”

– Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief,

Workplace violence strikes again. “Allahu Akbar!” evidently means, “I quit,” and pipe bombs are the new resignation letter. Southern Baptist redneck Syed Rizwan Farook and his Irish Catholic wife, Tashfeen Malik, are reported to have been inexplicably in touch with ambiguously international, not-at-all-Islam-related terrorists under investigation by the FBI prior to mowing down 35 white-privileged American citizens at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California.

By Robert Romano  |  DECEMBER 16, 2015

Trump's thought crime sparks debate on travel restrictions

Consider these facts. One of the Paris bombers was posing as a refugee with his passport, and so, racing against time, Congress took up legislation to increase FBI monitoring of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and Iraq that would come to the U.S., of which 10,000 are expected.