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The huge expenditures Cave Creek Unified School District is making to pick your pocket are to cover up the fact Superintendent Debbi Burdick and her subordinate school board screwed up by thinking the loophole of creating charter schools wouldn’t be closed. So she and her cohorts are claiming they want to give teachers more money and reduce class sizes.

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Hillary's red (prison) shoes

Thursday, congressional Republicans held their long advertised hearing on the Benghazi scandal, calling as a witness none other than the “Wicked Witch of the Left,” Hillary Clinton. Fresh off of her presidential debate performance ironically held in “Sin City,” Las Vegas, Hillary, looking a bit worn, was confronted with questions about why newly released emails showed that she knew that the attack on the U.S. mission was the result of terrorists linked to al-Qaida, but instead lied to the families of the victims as well as the American public, blaming the attack on a video critical of the Prophet Muhammad.


'Snapping of the American Mind': Good medicine

No, you haven’t lost your mind.

Yes, America has.

If someone just 20 years ago had said, for starters, that we’d someday elect an anti-American president who would intentionally flood our borders with millions of illegal immigrants and Islamist “refugees,” that we’d soon celebrate as “heroic” a former Olympic champion for mutilating his body and pretending to be a woman, that we’d have five extremist lawyers on the Supreme Court unconstitutionally force the radical redefinition of marriage to mollify people with same-sex fetishes – you might call that person crazy.

By Merrill Matthews  |  NOVEMBER 4, 2015

Reduce the trade deficit by ending the crude oil export ban

What appears to be a global economic slowdown, led by China's stumbling economy, will almost certainly impact one particular area of the U.S. economy: the balance of trade deficit.

U.S. companies sell goods and services to other countries, and those countries sell their goods and services to us. The U.S. always buys more than it sells -- mainly because we have more money to spend -- which leads to a monthly trade deficit.

By Boaz Witbeck  |  NOVEMBER 4, 2015

State Land Trust money must be used to push for effective K-12 reforms

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity supports the broad outlines of Governor Doug Ducey’s emerging State Land Trust proposal, which aims to put more money in K-12 classrooms without increasing taxes.

But we want to be careful to explain what we do not support. We do not support simply throwing more money at the current dysfunctional K-12 school district system. As we have explained many times in the past (see a recent example here), most of Arizona’s school districts have more than enough money to pay good teachers great salaries. On a per-pupil basis, counting revenues from all sources (local, state and federal), most of Arizona’s school districts spend significantly more than charter schools do, and often spend more than private schools do, but achieve inferior results in terms of student performance. Nationwide, there is no correlation between increased per-pupil spending and increased student performance (see the scatter plot chart at this post.)