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october 21, 2015

Gators and Ghouls

SCOTTSDALE – The Phoenix Herpetological Society (PHS) will present a unique, family-friendly event on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 23 and 24, at its nationally renowned reptile sanctuary in north Scottsdale.

During the Gators and Ghouls event, guests can spend the evening roaming the intimate sanctuary, enjoying the flying bats above and the creepy crawlies below. The event will also feature some extra spooky animal interactions and a chance to watch them being fed.

Pet of the Week: French Fry


Things to always celebrate

steele coddingtonAfter the debacle of the Democrat debate featuring the demented debt-oriented dingalings displaying a thundering herd of five panderers intent on bankrupting America, we can start by celebrating the hope that none of them will ever get elected. As open advocates of Socialism, they never answered the question, "Who the hell pays for all the stuff they are going to give us for free?" We, the poor tax payers, know Hillary would respond with her Benghazi question, "What difference does it make?"