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october 7, 2015

Wild Art Contest from Southwest Wildlife
Entries due December 1

“We look forward to receiving your beautiful artwork!”

Southwest Wildlife is proud to present their Wild Art Contest 2015! If you love animals and love drawing, then this art contest is for you! Southwest Wildlife would like to showcase their wonderful native animals of Arizona through art! We are asking children ages 5-14 to submit their artwork into our Wild Art Contest 2015.

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Whiskers & Wine

4th Annual Wine Tasting Affair to benefit FAR shelter pets!


America’s apocalypse

steele coddington

America’s apocalypse is an evolving consequence of grossly mistaken conclusions regarding the need for and value to America of “IMMIGRATION.” Yes, we have a serious illegal immigrant problem. But at the current levels of “total” immigrants in the U.S., now estimated at 41 million, we are finding ways somehow to accommodate, integrate, and/or assimilate that body of people into the fabric of American society. It ain’t easy, but it’s possible. America’s apocalypse is not so much what’s here, but the increasing flood of immigrants finding ways to invade in numbers that are overwhelming our ability to cope.

BOOK NOOK   |  JULY 8, 2015

chattoCave Creek area featured in new Apache Wars novel

The new novel, “Chatto’s Promise” traces the deadly raid by the Apache warrior, Chatto, and his band of 21 raiders through the area near Cave Creek in 1883.