October 7, 2015

Local youth dancers invited to perform in Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration Holiday Spectacular Parade

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Oh Disneyland. How we dream of you? Most children dream about the day they get to visit the Happiest Place On Earth. Well that dream, and much more, is coming true for a select group of dancers from Adaptive Force Performing Arts (AFPA).

Dancers ranging in age from 7 to 16, from the studio located at the Summit shopping center, were invited to perform in the park’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration Holiday Spectacular Parade on November 6 and 7, 2015 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Pictured (l-r) 1st Row: Danielle Leoni, Ella Kim, Caroline Chappel, Taylor Welling, Olivia Bax, Ella Witt, Lelah Lim. 2nd Row: Tyler Showalter, Madison Walker, Evan Johnston, Olivia Nasta, Lily Collins, Alyssa Wootton, Isabella Nasta, Makenna Hendrie
3rd Row: Dana Kinney, Hanna Jacobson, Erin Gerveler, Tatum Johnston, Taylor Lundquist, Alexa Carpenter, Delaney Bartlett, Holly Beck, Tori Collins, Caroline Thorpe, Melanie Richardson, Francesca Kula. 4th Row: Katelyn Mizera, Kaelen Saker, Zoe Milne, Samantha Brechner, Jordan Owen, Zoe Horvath, Ashlyn Porter, Morgan Barlcay, Drew Johnston

“Our dancers were required to submit a video audition performing a routine that the creative team at Disney asked them to learn,” said Amber Wittmers, AFPA owner. “We’re proud to be taking 50 members of our performance and competition team to Disneyland next month.”

Adaptive Force along with a select number of dance studios from across the southwest and pacific regions will be bringing dancers to perform in the holiday-themed parade.

“Being a former Disneyland cast member, I can tell you that this is a huge honor for our dancers,” explained Mike Wittmers, AFPA owner and artistic director. “It’s true many dance studios and youth music groups may have performed in the past on what used to be called the “Carnation Stage” back in the day. But to actually be dancing in their signature parade, down Disneyland’s world famous Main Street, doing a routine taught to them by Disney choreographers and in a Disney costume, is an amazing opportunity for our team.”

The elite, audition-only event is part of Disneyland’s Dance The Magic promotion to give young people the ability to see what it’s like be a VIP performer, as well as live the life of a Disney dancer if only for a weekend.

“I have been going to Disneyland every year since I was a baby, and I have watched all of the parades from the curb,” said Holly Beck, 12-year-old AFPA competition team member. “I can’t believe I have the chance to actually do what I love to do: DANCE—and at Disneyland in one of their parades. I’m so excited!”