By Lukas Magnusson, Realtor®, HomeSmart  | October 7, 2015

Get more for less when selling your home

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Lukas MagnussonThe MLS is a powerful tool that gets the vast majority of homes sold, and it’s only accessible if you hire a Realtor®. As a result, most homeowners resign themselves to giving up 6 percent of their home value, believing it’s the only way to get their home sold quickly. Cost-conscious Home Sellers find less expensive MLS access through discount brokerages, but the service and marketing is often lacking.

Is there a way to get full-service realty, an effective marketing plan, and pay less than 6 percent? Fortunately, there are many strategies you can use to have it all.

We live in an upscale part of the Valley, so the first strategy is to leverage your high home value. An $800k house isn’t twice as hard to sell as a $400k house, so the commission shouldn’t be double. There is much more room to negotiate when commissions exceed $30k.

When using the same Realtor® for both a home sale and purchase, you have negotiating power. If you’re selling an $800k home and buying another for $1.2M, that brokerage is collecting a whopping $60,000 in commissions! Request a reduction in commission for representing you in both transactions. Using this strategy, my client in Desert Mountain is saving $54,000 in commissions on their home sale; I’ll still earn over $40k on their home purchase, making it a true win-win deal for us both.

Use these realty strategies when deciding to list your home, and put more of your home’s equity in your pocket.

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