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BY DON SORCHYCH  | September 30, 2015

Roadhouse excesses and road closures

In the September 23 issue Linda Bentley explained the outcome of the Hideaway Roadhouse’s (previously Tap Haus) citations for building its “porch” without town approval and for extending the porch onto town property.

Guest Editorials:

By Lawrence Sellin, PhD   |  SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

The establishment’s 2016 election strategy

The main objective of the political-media establishment and, in particular, Barack Obama is to prevent any post-election investigation of the rampant corruption in Washington DC.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to maintain their standing as permanent political elites, whereby they may continue to treat ordinary Americans as indentured servants and broker the tax revenues for the benefit of themselves and their wealthy donors.

By Frosty Wooldridge   |  SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Most Ominous Predicament Facing Humanity in the 21st Century: Human Overpopulation

In the 21st century, humanity’s prolific ability toward exponential procreation guarantees human misery, suffering, starvation and environmental destruction on a level unknown in the past 10 centuries.

At 7.3 billion people in 2015, and adding 1 billion every 12 years--the human race expects to add 3.1 billion within 35 years to reach between 10.1 billion and 11 billion by 2050.

By Rick Manning   |  SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Capitalism is the only moral choice

Is capitalism the "devil's dung" or is it the only moral choice?

There are those who look at income disparity in countries that practice some level of a free market oriented economy and decry that some have more wealth and make more money than others.

Others look at the same economy and see income diversity and the capitalist system that creates it as the great equalizer, allowing those who work hard and create value to get a bigger piece of an expanding pie.

By Robert Goldberg   |  SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

A framework for patient harm

A group of doctors has decided to rewrite the Hippocratic Oath.

The ancient pledge charges physicians with applying "all measures that are required" to help the sick. The American Society of Clinical Oncology wants to add a caveat -- "unless those measures are too expensive. Then let the patient die."