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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

Trump • Cave Creek

I am beginning to sound like a broken record. The more I see of Trump the more I see a brilliant, outspoken and tough man who may be the only Republican that can not only defeat a Democrat candidate, whoever it may be, but put America on the road of recovery from the damage wreaked on our country by Obama and his minions.

For decades politicians told us what we wanted to hear only to feather their own nest to get elected again, deliberately ignoring their promises. That is true for both parties although Democrats were read by voters to want a bigger and bigger government and more and more “goodies.”

Guest Editorials:

By Lawrence Sellin, PhD  |  SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

Political-media establishment declares war on the American people

Just after the 1896 election between the victor, establishment Republican William McKinley and Populist Democrat William Jennings Bryan, Mrs. Henry Cabot Lodge, wife of the Republican Senator from Massachusetts, wrote:

"The great fight is won, a fight conducted by trained and experienced and organized forces, with both hands full of money, with the full power of the press – and the prestige – on one side; on the other, a disorganized mob..."

By Russell Pearce  |  SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

The 14th Amendment as written
and intended

Are they confused, corrupt or don’t they care?  The issue is back and as usual the liberal media has it all wrong, and even more disturbing is the ignorance of presidential candidates.  They want to lead the nation and yet are confused on the Constitution.  They have no clue about the 14th Amendment, which is available here: /rr/program/bib/ ourdocs/ 14thamendment.html.  This is a critical Constitutional issue. The 14th Amendment had a very specific purpose – right a wrong dealing with slaves and their children. The legacy belongs to a moral Congress and that of the African Americans, in righting a wrong.

By Capt. Joseph R. John  |  SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

Unlike the U.S., Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile 'Border Wall' to shield itself from radical Islamic terrorists

For nearly 7 years, American citizens have been told by the Obama administration, the left of center liberal media establishment, La Raza, and the leadership in Congress that it is impossible to build an effective border wall across the wide open southern border, in order to keep out Radical Islamic Terrorists, drug smugglers, human traffickers, convicted Illegal Alien criminal felons, Central American children carrying infectious diseases, Illegal Aliens from 50 countries worldwide, and a to prevent a new influx of Mexican Illegal Aliens from entering the United States. 

By Bill Wilson  |  SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

The Iran vote, Congress' power outage and Donald Trump

Establishment pundits have been desperately trying to explain how Donald Trump has been able to build commanding support that seems to be unfazed by relentless attacks. They confidently tell each other that this is just a summer fling, that the voters will "come home" after they've had their fun. Perhaps. But for those truly interested in why Trump has done so well, a stark example was plastered across the editorial pages of the Washington Post last week.