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I am beginning to sound like a broken record. The more I see of Trump the more I see a brilliant, outspoken and tough man who may be the only Republican that can not only defeat a Democrat candidate, whoever it may be, but put America on the road of recovery from the damage wreaked on our country by Obama and his minions.

For decades politicians told us what we wanted to hear only to feather their own nest to get elected again, deliberately ignoring their promises. That is true for both parties although Democrats were read by voters to want a bigger and bigger government and more and more “goodies.”

Until Trump came on the scene I was going to back Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Although Walker has done wonders in Wisconsin I don’t believe he comes anywhere close to Trump as a game changer. Whereas typical Republican candidates are in the Washington political pool, Trump is not. He is an outsider who like many of us is fed up with the government. In Trump’s whole life he has been a builder, a risk taking business man and a known negotiator because he thinks on his feet and has a vast store of knowledge. Note that in his appearances he has no notes and no teleprompter. Ever listen to Obama when he is caught without a teleprompter? It is all uh, uh, uh.

cartoon canfield

It is early, of course, and the “establishment” is doing all it can to keep a man who is all about America out of office.

This was expected, and appreciated. Patriot and conservative Clint Eastwood is all for Trump.
From the Daily Beast:

“Founding and high-profile ‘friends’ include Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Lionel Chetwynd. The hundreds of right-leaning members are invited to attend strictly off-the-record functions where Hollywood players get the chance to meet political celebrities, and also to network with like-minded entertainment-industry types. Past events have included a speech by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, summer fiestas, a pie-baking contest and family picnic.”

And, best of all, Rush Limbaugh has all but endorsed Trump.

There are growing rumors Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are pairing up. President Trump and Vice President Cruz? The only worry there is if Cruz is a natural born citizen. It appears that although Cruz was born in Canada, his mother is and was a U.S. citizen so he may be qualified to be President or Vice President.

Go Trump (and Cruz?)!

Cave Creek

In Cave Creek the utilities and engineering manager David Prinzhorn has “resigned.” Town Manager Peter Jankowski says he resigned with no specific date of departure. In most cases of this kind there is a two week notice of departure. If there is trouble of some kind, usually the departure is NOW. But leaving him here for an unknown period of time is ridiculous.

Prinzhorn is the second to the last hire of Interim Town Manager Rodney Glassman who impressed no one in the seven months he served the slate.

The other is Patty Pollnow, who serves some kind of marketing function. She initially reported to Planning Director Ian Cordwell before she was dumped on Town Marshal Adam Stein. Why and how a town marshal suddenly becomes a marketer is arguable. But I do know that Pollnow was originally hired to assure Sonoran News got no ads from the town. And we got none while the slate was in charge of the town. Even now, although we appreciate the ads we get from Cave Creek, thanks to council action, they are nowhere near the size or frequency we once printed for the town.

Jankowski once told me that Pollnow said she called on us. No she didn’t, not once. Even though we have functioned here for over twenty years and paid our taxes we were ruled out by the slate.

Now I find that Pollnow works for a local business part time. Isn’t that a conflict of interest, especially since she was pushed for the job by her boss Stein?

The correction of the Roadhouse, formerly Tap Haus, intrusion on town property is grinding along and being managed, for some reason, by Prinzhorn. The solution is simple – have them just take off all the intrusions, including the water tank.

In a generous moment, part owner Mark Bradshaw offered the town $25 per month for using town property even though that would do nothing about town liability.
Fortunately, with Prinzhorn leaving, Building Official Mike Baxley will be handling the matter of illegal use of town property, as he should have in the first place.

Ever hear of Harmony Hollow? It is an idyllic thirty acre property nestled into Spur Cross Ranch on both sides of Cave Creek. A well known artist/sculptor named Richard Mocco lived there with Melissa Paxton, also an artist of note in glass and metal. She was also the main push in the purchase of Spur Cross Ranch and her painting of a cougar head on T-shirts has nationwide fame as do some of her other paintings about Spur Cross Ranch.

The Cross family who owns the property is offering it for sale and is hopeful the town will buy it. Their price is reasonable and the Cross family will also carry a mortgage.

The town turned out in droves to save Spur Cross Ranch, even voting in a temporary property tax to close the deal. None of them, or us, wants to see a subdivision on those sacred lands. I am told Councilman Mark Lipsky will lead the parade of this purchase. The prospects of the use of this property in support of Spur Cross are endless.