AUGUST 19, 2015

AZ ROC increases patrols in damaged property areas

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PHOENIX –– Monsoons and wildfires have returned to Arizona and, each year, these natural disasters pose a threat to Arizonan’s property due to fire, rushing water and high winds.
Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AZ ROC) warns homeowners against falling prey to scams and the potential of a second disaster by choosing to hire ‘storm chasers,’ who are typically unlicensed individuals, attempting take advantage of homeowners looking to quickly hire someone to make repairs to their damaged property.

Ranging from poor work to complete abandonment, AZ ROC commonly receives complaints regarding unlicensed entities exploiting property owners and it only adds to the devastation for those affected by a natural disaster.

Since his appointment on Feb. 9, 2015, AZ ROC Director Fleetham has directed AZ ROC investigators to increase efforts to make contact and visit with local officials to assess damage in areas affected by disasters and post warning signs throughout effected communities.

In addition to AZ ROC reminding damaged property owners to only hire licensed contractors, AZ ROC Investigators will again step up patrols to ensure ‘storm chasers’ are not taking advantage of individuals who suffered damage due to this week’s weather throughout the state and the wildfire in Mohave County.

Background: Year to date, AZ ROC Investigators have received 3,555 complaints ranging from unlicensed entities to allegations of a contractor’s work failing to meet professional industry standards.

Since the Arizona legislature created the Registrar of Contractors in 1931, it has served two core functions; licensing and the regulation of the licensing of contractors. For licensing, AZ ROC ensures contractors possess the experience, training and knowledge required in order to qualify for a license and then issues the appropriate credentials. When considering regulation, the agency works to curb non-licensed entities working within Arizona and investigates complaints made against licensed contractors regarding professional standards of their work.