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JULY 22, 2015

Celebrate July With Lucky 7

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7 Great Reasons To Adopt A Cat.

1. Independence. Cats are naturally independent and don't mind not having a constant companion.
2. Cuddling. Cats can be cuddle fanatics.
3. Self-Grooming. A pet that cleans itself, what a bonus
4. Housebreaking. All you need is set up a litterbox.
5. Self-Entertaining. Cats can entertain themselves whenever thy get bored.
6. Couch Potato Companion. Cats spend on average about 15 hours a day sleeping.
7. Saving A Life & Saving Your Life. In addition to the happy feeling knowing you have saved a life, there are also health benefits by lowering blood pressure, depression and anxiety.
Visit and click on Adopt a Pet to see the available cats or click on Donate of you can help sustain the mission of Foothills Animal Rescue.