july 22, 2015

Enrichment comes in many different shapes, sizes and smells!

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Enrichment is an important part of a wild animal's life in captivity. It keeps their mind stimulated and active in an otherwise "routine" setting. Our hope is to always provide many different enrichment opportunities to all of our animals so that they stay active, healthy, and happy! Sometimes, enrichment can be as simple as different scents. Bobcats are a huge fan of smelling different things! And not unlike domestic cats, they love catnip! Thanks to one of our thoughtful neighbors, Charlotte Thomas, our cats of Southwest Wildlife always have a fresh supply of catnip!

GrizGriz and the other black bears enjoyed a refreshing summer treat...troutsicles! Yummy and fun too! Enrichment is especially fun when you can eat it!

Our raccoons always enjoy a reason to get their hands wet. Throw an apple into the mix, and they are ecstatic! Retrieving the apple requires a little bit of thinking, being active, as well as just having some good ol' fun!

These are just some of the many enrichment activities our animals get at Southwest Wildlife. Other common enrichment items include live meal worms, crinkly paper, and oil scents! As caretakers for these amazing animals we feel it is our responsibility to keep their lives as enriched as possible. Whether their time at Southwest is brief while they are recovering, or they are permanent sanctuary residents, we pride ourselves on providing them with fun, interactive activities so they stay healthy and content.

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