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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  jULY 15, 2015

The Trump-et!!!!!!

How refreshing it is to hear the Donald playing his Trump-et! Trump is that long awaited harbinger of truth and bless his heart, he refuses to be stopped by liberals and RINOs.

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Guest Editorials:

By Andrew Thomas   |  JULY 15, 2015

Empower the States Act

Overruling the Courts: How We End the Reign of Liberal Judges in 2016

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage confirms, once again, that conservative efforts to end liberal judicial activism on major issues have failed. On matters that determine our quality of life and culture-immigration, criminal justice, abortion, marriage-the left enjoys clear mastery of the courts, and has for the last fifty years. To end this tyranny, Congress must use its power under Article III, section 2 of the Constitution to remove jurisdiction from the federal courts over these issues. This will allow the states and the people to decide these matters, restoring self-government on the issues that matter most.

By Russell Pearce  |  JULY 15, 2015

Do American lives matter? Does the law matter?

AG Brnovich, continue to uphold the law you took an Oath to do. We The People thank you.
To the courts and the Governor, NO Driver License, NO In-State Tuition, NO bail for illegal alien criminals. Enough is Enough.

By Frosty Wooldridge  |  JULY 15, 2015

Immigration Shutdown Now!
Immigration Policy Illogical

Part 14: Mass immigration into America constitutes illogical thinking leading to disastrous results.

In 1965, our U.S. Senate passed the Immigration Reform Act that changed annual migration into America from 175,000 annually to 1.2 and as high as 1.5 million immigrants from all over the world every year. Within 40 years, the United States blasted from 196 million people to 300 million in October of 2006. From that point in 1965, we added 104 million more problems to our civilization. We haven’t begun to solve the problems of that many people impacting our cities, our environment and our way of life. We fantasize that our civilization can avoid the results now impacting other overpopulated countries like China, Mexico, Haiti and India.

By Robert Quinn   |  JULY 15, 2015

America's Presidential Imposter – Section 4

Previously, I wrote how Barack Obama used fraudulent and/or ineligible documents to deliberately deceive America into believing he was eligible to seek the Office of President of the United States. I also wrote how he sacrificed former Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin who had asked him to simply produce a valid birth certificate confirming his presidential eligibility and, thereby, his right to act as the Commander-in Chief of our military forces. Obama never even acknowledged Col. Lakin's letters. Eighteen years of faithful service to our country-completely ignored! Since over one half of our nation now believed Obama was not a "natural-born" American citizen, and, therefore, not eligible to seek the Presidency, only a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" would have satisfied doubters and calmed our Nation.

By Matt Barber   |  JULY 15, 2015

The push back has begun

The push back has begun. Christian business owners, lawyers, parents, judges, county clerks, organizations, universities, hospitals, adoption agencies and other individuals and groups have been given an ultimatum by five unelected, unaccountable liberals in Washington, D.C.: “You must now obey us and disobey God. You must pretend, with us, that sin-based same-sex ‘marriage’ is an actual thing.”