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July 15 – 21, 2015


For All Signs: Venus, goddess of love, will turn retrograde on July 25. She is in the pre-shadow now and you may sense it coming. Her message when retrograde: give careful thought to your values and don't misplace your love energy; the priority in relationship to others is to love oneself deeply enough to make well considered choices. Though Venus goes direct on Sep. 6, she will not be back to her starting position until Oct 8. From now until mid-October we are all advised to pay attention to how and with whom we relate – with one ear listening to the truth of the heart. Do not be concerned about whether someone loves you at this time. Focus attention instead on how you feel within a given relationship.

Aries: You may have more than one opportunity to be drawn into a combative position with another. One or more persons of power will be making demands. You are truly tempted to argue the point with a vengeance. However, the one who has the established power will win this round. If that is not you, then save your anger for a better time.

Taurus: Your patience may be worn very thin by someone who has entered your life since the beginning of the year. If the issues are large enough, perhaps it would be better to suggest that you take a break for a while. Maybe all you really need is to retreat for a few days of R&R. Take some time to rest your mind and feelings.

Gemini: News concerning financial affairs is likely to be unpleasant. You are not in a position to make demands, while the “other” has all the power. Make an effort to use your well known mental agility and persuasive ability, but don’t turn a discussion into a battle of wills. Letting it go for the present may leave the door open for the future.

Cancer: Irritability and a tendency to short temper may be your companions this week. Beware the temptation to obsess over minor issues. Take especially good care of your body at this time. You are in a physically low cycle and subject to accident or minor injuries with tools, or vehicles.

Leo: It is normal to feel somewhat lethargic during the month just prior to one's birthday. At this time the sun is figuratively at its darkest and we experience a natural low in our personal annual cycle. Don't take the dip too seriously. It is meant to happen this way, so that you can rest before your new year begins.

Virgo: You have more than a few challenges this week. Get plenty of sleep so as to keep your mind sharp because you will need it to meet difficult people and issues. Though you are normally tactful, your mouth may speak before you can think about it. Make an effort to prepare statements ahead of time.

Libra: The early part of the week is unusually stressed by people challenges. By mid-week you are likely to retreat into the quiet of your comforting solitary place. Perhaps you need to be still and meditate. Or you may have a desire to enjoy the arts, some music, and escape into a few good movies.

Scorpio: You will be more than a little bit tempted to pour everything you’ve got into your objectives now. This energy requires tender handling. If you push too hard or too fast, you will find others are shoving back. Use your powers of persuasion to get others on board, so that they add to the energy for good, lest you fail. Watch the accelerator foot.

Sagittarius: You know that you are working toward a major change of identity in the big picture. That is as it should be. However, this summer you have a hiatus in which you can relax for a few weeks before you tackle the “big changes” that will alter your future.

Capricorn: There are conflicts all around you. Do your best to maintain an ethical stance, even though others may not. Do not stoop to physical combat unless you must save your own skin. Do not go looking for trouble. There is a possibility that this is an internal quarrel with yourself. If so, heavy exercise may help you relieve the mental stress.

Aquarius: You and the authority figures in your world are cooperating and helping each other accomplish a project. Your mind is both steady and imaginative now, able to see how one thing flows into the next. At times like these, “work” becomes a positive experience. It integrates with your personal rhythm and feels smooth.

Pisces: It may seem to you as though almost everything is unsure, uncertain and up for grabs right now. This makes it challenging to make even relatively small decisions. Circumstances around you are not at all clear and it is better to leave as many options as possible open. When you see daylight you will want to act as soon as possible.

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