All aboard the Marry-Go-Round

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steele coddingtonOne of the great questions of our time is trying to decide who is the biggest liar, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Both seem to fulfill the Aristotelian proverb: "When their lips are moving, they're lying." Both have generally unrevealed backgrounds of ideological rot-gut containing sinister socialistic convictions that are perversions of the idealism of the Declaration of Independence promising "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Their version, filtered through the obfuscation of liberal bias spread by closet Clinton acolytes like George Stephanopoulos and Brian Williams always sounds good. But it's the same old Declaration of Dependence that is the product of "Lies, Lawlessness, and the Pursuit of Crappiness."

"Crappiness" is the left's real meaning for the miserable standard of living that is the inevitable consequence of all Marxist oriented agendas. (Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, Greece, etc.) And the first slippery slouch into the "Lawlessness" of their Declaration is the gradual erosion of the rule of Law by Judicial interpretations of the Constitution that edge over the line into "Legislation" by public opinion and poll numbers.

Even the animals in my barnyard were confused by the Supreme Court's "Same-Sex" decision, because it didn't include the natural progression to polygamy and animal husbandry, or whatever animal marriage is. Queenie, my aged mare and her new boy friend Charlie Horse think maybe Hillary Clinton could have read a favorable "Same-Sex" poll (her decision making process), and sent the Supreme Court an "unsolicited unsecured" warning e-mail. If they didn't approve "Same-Sex" now, when she becomes president her first appointment to the Court will be husband Bill as the "Sex-Expert" Justice so he can campaign for judicial approval of polygamy and animalygamy. With that news, the Justices all locked up their interns and rehearsed putting on Haz-mat suits.

The other "good news" about the "Same-Sex" decision is that it's been thrown into the Iranian Nuke negotiations as a powerful inducement to restrict the range of their ballistic missiles and create confusion about who wears the burka in Iranian "Same-Sex" marriages. Secretary of State John "Iran-owns-us" Kerry was so ecstatic he was heard singing his new favorite song, a variation of the chorus of the Christmas carol "The First Noel," now sung as:

"Nobel, Nobel, Nobel, Nobel,
Gone is the State of Israel."

And now, because we can change ourselves over night, to be whatever we want to be, the imaginative animals in the barnyard fantasized that if any of the female Justices on the Court have reservations about the "Same-Sex" decision, they can now atone for their error and be transformed into males and then to publicize their transformations they could marry Caitlyn Jenner as soon as polygamy is approved and celebrate their new heterosexuality. What a world, what a world! How's this "Fundamental Transformation" working for you?