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don sorchychBY DON SORCHYCH   |  jUNE 24, 2015

An omelet for the dark side

Kiwanis vs. Hidden Rock

The last council meeting was a bust for the dark side. They brought in a competitor who populated all the chairs with their monthly shopper and even put up a sign. I asked Town Manager Peter Jankowski if he had given them permission to advertise their shopper during the meeting. He said he hadn’t, nor had any other town employee.

Boombox by Dixon Diaz

boombox by dixon diaz

Guest Editorials:

By TPATH Contributor Mr. Rich Matrisciano  |  JUNE 24, 2015

Monstrous Evil

TPATH ~ Once again we see the results of a human being capable of monstrous evil. The killing of nine people worshiping in God’s house goes way beyond race. Any person capable of walking into a church, sitting for an hour watching congregants pray, and then killing them had to have given his heart to Satan. He is a prime example of what happens in a secular humanist society that seeks to eradicate God. 

By Jim Van Allen and John Traynor  | JUNE 24, 2015

Carefree’s Future Matters

Friends of Carefree, there were two Special meetings of the Town Council on June 16th.  The first was to enter Executive Session (private) to discuss contracts.  The second was for discussion and action on 3 agenda items.  This may be long but we believe it is worth your time.

By Frosty Wooldridge | JUNE 24, 2015

Immigration Shutdown Now! – Hunger in America

Part 11:  Human starvation equates to human misery, 1 in 6 hungry in America

According to, one in six Americans faces hunger and malnutrition.  That’s here in our country!  Not Africa, Mexico or Asia, but here in America.  A mind-numbing 48 million Americans subsist on food stamps.  

By MATT BARBER  |  JUNE 24, 2015


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