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Non-releasable coyotes become protective foster parents

coyote babiesSouthwest Wildlife is currently caring for 26 coyote puppies. Every time we get orphaned coyote puppies in, we cross our fingers that these little youngsters will stay wild enough to be released.

Pet (kittens) of the Weekpippen     sequinn

james k whiteMULLET OVER BY JAMES K. WHITE   | JUNE 24, 2015

Don’t dance with a mamba

Black Mambas are the fastest land snakes in the world, reaching spurts that exceed 12 mph. These snakes grow to lengths of more than 14 feet, and it is generally conceded that untreated Black Mamba bites are 100 percent fatal to humans. The snakes are gray and tan, not black – which surprised me somewhat. One herpetologist asserted “Black Mambas do not make good pets.” That opinion packed no surprise.