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June 17 – 23, 2015


For All Signs: We come to the point of the summer solstice at 12:38 p.m. EDT on the 21st. This is the point of the year at which the northern hemisphere is tilted closest to the sun. So this is also theoretically the longest day of the year. For centuries, pagans (country people) celebrated this day with prayers and requests for blessings from mother earth, which would soon yield the summer harvests. Take a moment to give honor and thanks to the trees, which are weakening in their battle against our pollution.

Aries: There are various irritants at your place of daily work. The environment may be cluttered by things requiring repair. Maybe even the street needs to be fixed. For some reason it is hard for you to get organized and stay on target with these irritating conditions. You are not in control, but it is not your fault.

Taurus: Necessary expenses (those not of the "fun" type) may develop this week. If not that, you could be just having a little blue mood. It is one of those times when we operate better in solitude. This is an existential dilemma that everyone encounters now and then. It will pass quickly.

Gemini: Take everything slowly and easily throughout this week. Aspects warn against attempts to move aggressively in any direction. Concentrate carefully on any project requiring calculations and multiple plans. The probability of making an error or accessing inaccurate information is high.

Cancer: The sun returns "home" to your sign this week, as it always does on the solstice. You likely will find it to be energizing. Now is the time to focus on new plans for this next year of your life. You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time. Your heart and mind are flowing together.

Leo: A new initiative or idea that began in late Oct. of 2014 has come to a point in which you can move no further without making adjustments. You may be required to wait on another factor before proceeding. This is not a fault of anyone. You just need to wait for the timing to catch up with you.

Virgo: Your mind may be sharp as a pointed pencil in your work and daily routine. However, communications with significant others may be misunderstood, snarled, or lost altogether. Do not make assumptions about what others are saying. Ask questions and clarify for best results.

Libra: You may be taking a sober look at one or more relationships. Even the very closest friends cannot know each other from the inside. Sometimes we forget this fact and need to become aware that we are actually separate beings, helping when we can. Sometimes our energy is too low to be there for one another.

Scorpio: There are fears lurking in the back of your mind that may cause you to feel discouraged and prone to quit. Make an effort to shine a bright light upon them. Are they real or imagined? Is there any way to bring them out of the darkness so you can engage them?

Sagittarius: Cosmic energies favor new design of old or outmoded business or organizational systems. Financial or business pressures may be the motivator. It is time to update and modernize, especially if you are working with a method out of old habit. Constructive and fresh ideas will flow freely and you may wonder why a particular solution hasn't occurred to you before now.

Capricorn: Your life is not your own this week. Multiple demands call for a variety of tools and skills and use all your time. Moving forward with your own agenda is a real challenge. It will be easier if you just accept this time is not your best and wait for better weeks ahead. They will come.

Aquarius: For any number of reasons, circumstances may leave you out of the social loop this week. Astrologically this is a time for self-reflection and not self-condemnation. Having a quiet week is appropriate at this time. Don’t turn this into a negative belief about yourself.

Pisces: A misunderstanding could develop between you and a close friend or family member. The blame game is useless. Do your best to unwind the thread to the point that it began and start fresh. It is possible that you will have a minor case of laryngitis. Pipes, whether in your body or your house may need to be cleared.

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