VOL. 21  ISSUE NO. 23   |    JUNE 10 16, 2015


BREAKING NEWSCave Creek Council chooses law firm

CAVE CREEK – The Cave Creek Council terminated Dickenson Wright, formerly Mariscal Weeks, on May 18, 6-1 with Mayor Vincent Francia dissenting. Although Dickenson Wright served the town for 16 years, this council strongly felt they weren’t serving the town well.

In a special meeting on Wednesday June 10, the council met in executive session to interview ten law firms. Council met in executive session at 5:30 p.m. and finished at 9 p.m.
After the council was seated they quickly and unanimously chose the Sims Murray, Ltd. Law Firm.

Jeff Murray was already the town’s lawyer with the risk pool and is defending the town’s interests in the proposed horse trail paralleling Gerald Freeman and my easement. Both Murray and his partner Bill Sims are highly regarded attorneys.

Francia was impressed with the attorneys they interviewed and thanked them for undergoing the scrutiny of council.

Welcome to Bill and Jeff!

JUNE 10, 2015

veci-logoVA announces campaign to increase veterans’ economic potential in Phoenix

PHOENIX – On June 4, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton hosted a launch event for the Veterans Economic Communities Initiative, a campaign led by the Department of Veterans Affairs to promote economic success for Veterans in partnership with local communities.

JUNE 10, 2015

Goldwater Institute, Secretary of State challenge Clean Elections Commission decision to fine Legacy Foundation Action Fund

Clean Elections Commission oversteps authority with fine of independent political group

PHOENIX – On June 4 Michele Reagan, the Arizona Secretary of State, represented by the Goldwater Institute, joined a legal challenge to a sweeping power grab by Arizona’s Citizens Clean Election Commission.

JUNE 10, 2015

New poll shows majority of Arizonans support ending marijuana prohibition

Behavior Research Center’s latest Rocky Mountain Poll finds 53 percent support making marijuana legal for adults; just 39 percent are opposed

PHOENIX – An independent poll released Wednesday shows a majority of Arizona residents support ending marijuana prohibition.

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