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MAY 27, 2015

dog pantingSummer Fun:  Protecting your pet from the season’s hazards 

As summertime approaches and the sun’s rays become more and more intense, people tend to start sweating more and wearing fewer clothes. While your pets may be stuck with their fur coats year-round, there are things that you can do to get them ready for the impending heat.


Pet of the Week: Glover

james k whiteMULLET OVER BY JAMES K. WHITE  |  MAY 27, 2015

Twinkie black market crashed

Shortly after Hostess ceased making Twinkies in 2012, Twinkie hoarders sold the must-have treats to some “desperates” for as much as $60 per box. The Twinkie black market crashed when the freshly baked cream-filled delights returned to stores in 2013.