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APRIL 15, 2015

Kentucky Derby Party & Fundraiser at Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship on May 2

derby dayFree event will feature horses, hats and fun for the whole family!

SCOTTSDALE – Valley families are invited to a fantastic family Derby Day party at Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship. On May 2nd Camelot will open its gates to the public to celebrate the Kentucky Derby at its annual Hooves & Heroes family event & fundraiser. Admission is free, hats are encouraged! 


Pet of the Week: Mason

steele coddingtonSPOOF SPACE BY STEELE CODDINGTON   | APRIL 15, 2015

The Lie Machine

It wasn't a medical diagnosis, just a realistic observation by Dr. Ben Carson watching Obama during his State of the Union Address. A respected surgeon and possible presidential candidate, Dr. Carson has delighted the country with his love for America and its fundamental values.

god is alwyas hiringBOOK NOOK   |  APRIL 15, 2015

God is Always Hiring by Regina Brett

An excerpt: Every spring the parents start to panic.

As college seniors prepare to graduate, their loved ones call and write me for advice: My daughter, my son, is graduating from college and there are no jobs. They spent all that time and money to prepare for a career that might not exist. What can I say or do to give them hope?

Before you start making room in your basement for them to move back home, give them the greatest graduation gift there is: believe in them.