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MARCH 18, 2015

Kids Care Club giving love to horses

Kids Care Club, a local non-profit dedicated to getting elementary and middle school students involved in volunteering, spent an afternoon doing odd jobs at Triple R Horse Rescue. The favorite chore was grooming these majestic creatures. In addition to doing chores, the kids learned about why people surrender horses and how much it cost to take care of them. They also learned that over the past three years, Triple R has re-homed more than 100 horses.

michelle the cat

Pet of the Week: Michelle

MARCH 18, 2015

For Goodness Sake hosts "The Power of Loving Animals"

Join them on Saturday, March 28 at the For Goodness Sake ReTail Shop, 6127 E. Cave Creek Rd. in Cave Creek. Call 480-575-6760 or visit FGSAZ.com for more information. (No donations on March 28th please!)


JAMES K WHITEA bizarre fashion trend

Most early forks used in eating had exactly two tines. Many were fashioned by splitting spoon tops.

In some regions of Asia, a bizarre fashion trend has developed. Fake braces on front teeth are currently the latest fad. Many beauty salons offer several phony brace options. Authorities in Thailand were so appalled at the “Western influence” that the retailing of fake orthodontic devices has been banned. In reaction, a flourishing black market for the bogus apparatuses has emerged.