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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  MARCH 11, 2015

The future is brighter now in Cave Creek

The recall election ended yesterday and good men and a woman won. So all the prayers we heard about worked like prayers are supposed to. But the volunteers who helped and the candidates worked hard to earn their place on council. So your new representatives on council are: Susan Clancy, Dick Esser, Steve LaMar and Mark Lipsky.

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A plea to Arizona Legislators regarding Common Core

The Arizona House of Representatives Education Committee meeting on House Bill 2190 was strikingly similar to the landscape of American opinion on Common Core. Among the legislators and others who spoke at the meeting there were some supporters, some who were starkly against Common Core and some still on the fence.

By Frosty Wooldridge  |  MARCH 11, 2015

Islam expanding fast in the USA

Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant whose travels appeared in the “Book of the Marvels of the World,” left a detailed chronicle of his travel experience through Central Asia and China. His insight into Islam from eight centuries ago remains relevant today. Polo said, “The militant Muslim is the one who beheads the infidel, while the average Muslim holds the feet of the victim.”

By DR. PAUL KENGOR   |  MARCH 11, 2015

Attacks on Scott Walker remind of Reagan

As soon as a conservative Republican emerges as a serious presidential frontrunner, liberals in the media suddenly yank out the microscopes they’ve been keeping away from Barack Obama since 2007. They could care less what Obama did in college, how he got into college, who paid for his college, who wrote his letters of recommendation, what his grades were, and on and on—but we already know everything about Scott Walker and college.