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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  fEBRUARY 18 2015

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was an interesting political day. First the town closed some of Cave Creek Road for motorcycles. Why? Why would the town offend and disrupt town citizens for the Hideaway?

I have said numerous times the Hideaway was approved after Ron Krasson lied to the council. The council said at the time the proposed business lacked parking.

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Guest Editorials:

BY Steve LaMar  |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Rancho Watergate: Latest example of bad judgment at Town Hall

The excellent investigative reporting that broke the Rancho Water Gate cover up provides great insight and a stark confirmation that Town Hall is in a downward spiral and is in desperate need of leadership that will bring Cave Creek back to the business of building a better community for all of us.

By Jacqueline Davis  |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

The road back

In many ways Cave Creek has always been unique in the Valley. Historically it was a mining, ranching community that gradually became a tourist destination when those activities were no longer viable. Spur Cross Ranch, Rancho Mañana and Sierra Vista were early guest ranches that attracted visitors to the area. Cave Creek’s setting, up against the rugged mountains of the Tonto National Forest, has given the town a backdrop of stunning natural beauty that draws visitors from far and wide.

By dick esser  |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Vote for Dick Esser

I am running in this election because I feel the citizens of Cave Creek were cheated out of having me as a candidate in the last election.  Even though approved to be on the ballot by both the County Recorder and the Cave Creek Town Clerk, Reg Monichino (who I am running against) and his companions used legal trickery to remove me from the ballot.   Now, you and your fellow citizens will have the freedom to elect who you want with no more legal tricks keeping you from voting for the candidate of your choice.

By bill wilson  |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Obamacare fatigue: Why repeal still matters

Type "Obamacare" into any Internet search engine and in less than a third of a second — faster than the snap of your fingers — tens of millions of results will bombard you.  Within these pages are literally billions of words addressing the law and its attendant issues — including the few hundred words contained herein.  It's a lot to take in — and with nearly a decade's worth of history surrounding the legislation already in the books, it shouldn't surprise anyone that America is suffering from "Obamacare fatigue."

By Frosty Wooldridge |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Impregnating America with Muslims: Violent religion of conquest

Everywhere Muslims spread, they create violence. Anywhere you look in the world today where Muslims immigrate, you see violence. Where you once saw peaceful cities in Europe, you see Muslims firebombing cars and buildings. You see trashed out slums. In Melmo, Sweden, they rioted and killed all last summer. One look at London, England shows Sharia thugs beating people up for drinking a beer. One man suffered beheading as we walked down the street last year in London.

By Dwight Kehoe |  FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Sinking stinking leftist ideology

TPATH ~ Several months ago during a conversation with a fellow patriot the discussion turned to the upcoming SAPPA legislation initiative and some of the hurdles which heretofore have never been sufficiently addressed or answered by our side relating to how and why lawmakers continue to write, pass and then have enforced, unconstitutional legislation.