FEBRUARY 11, 2015

Arizona Republican House leadership unveils agenda

Seven themes to guide 52nd Legislative Session
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STATE CAPITOL, AZ – House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro is unveiling the seven cornerstones that make up the Arizona House Majority Agenda. The House Majority Agenda will help Republican lawmakers target matters the people of Arizona consider important.

The seven major themes are;
• Growing Jobs
• Educational Opportunity
• Fiscal Responsibility
• Ensuring the Safety, Strength and Importance of Arizona Families
• Protecting Personal Freedom
• Fighting Federal Overreach
• Unified and Effective Caucus

“We want to make sure we are doing the business of the people,” said Majority Leader Montenegro. “The House Majority Agenda helps us to stay on track. We want to conduct our work in a way that makes Arizona proud.”

“These seven guideposts give us a road-map to prioritize the work of the House,” said House Speaker David Gowan. “There are many distractions that can arise during a legislative session and the House Majority Agenda will help us stay focused.”

The Majority Leader, with support from Leadership, has formed the House Majority Agenda by speaking with Caucus members and asking for their priorities. Included in each theme are points that provide greater detail to that theme.

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